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JomRides App

Customer App

Get your ride on the go with a single click now or book your ride for later schedule.

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Ride now or later

You can ride instantly with a click or you can schedule your ride.


Customer verification by Email & SMS

Reviews & Ratings

Customer can Rate Driver & write reviews for his trip.

Cash & Card Payments

Customer can either pay by cash or card.

Fare Estimate & ETA

Fare Estimates and ETA of nearby driver to customer's location.

Customer Support Chat

Customer can chat to support agent for any query or issue.

SOS Panic Button

Inform your family & friends while you are in danger.

Surge Pricing

Trip prices may surged during specific time configured by admin.

Cancel Trip

Customer can cancel trip with the reason of cancellation.

Wait time charges

Additional charges will be applied on waiting time.

Favorite Location

Customer can add Work & Home as favorite location.

Real Time Driver's Status

Customer gets real time driver status like, on the way, arrived, etc.

Driver App

Get trips whenever you are available to drive to earn at your convinence.

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Document Uploading

Driver has to upload his documents before he can start getting trips.

Auto Offline when Idles

Driver goes offline automatically after warning if he is idle.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map & real time car transition on map.


Navigate from current location to source using Google Map navigate button from App.

Visitor Type

Driver can drive as visitor for different city, if his car type is not available in that city.


Driver can see his earnings in the App.


SMS,Email and Document verification of driver is done before he can accept trip request.

Driver Support Chat

In App chat with the driver support agent.

Admin Console

Control your business in multiple countries with a single Console.

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Multiple Country

Add Multiple country for business and make it on or off for business.

Multiple City

Add Multiple City for business and turn it on or off for business.

Multiple Service Types

Add multiple car types like SUV, Sedan etc. and manage it for business in selected city.

Interactive Statistics

Statistic for canceled trips, cash payment, card payments, total trips, and many more with graphs.

Map View

Admin can see the drivers on the map with the status like Idle, On Trip etc.

Manage Reviews

Admin can manage reviews provided by driver and customer both to analyze the feedback.

Payment Reports

Provider Earning report with details like daily, weekly, pending, partner payments etc.

Promo code

Add Promo Code with the conditions like city, cash trip, card trip etc.


Admin can configure system settings like SMS, Email, Installation Settings, etc.


Set mandatory documents for particular country for driver to drive in that region.

Surge Pricing

Add Surge price during particular time in the specific city with the surge percentage.

City Service Radius

Add Radius in Km or Miles with the center lat & long coordinates of city for the service.

Admin & Dispatcher

Add, Edit and decline other Admin's and Dispatcher from the Admin Console.

Manage User

Edit User, Decline User, Check user trip history etc.

Manage Drivers

Edit & Decline Driver, Driver trip history, Check Documents, Add Banking Details etc.

Manage Request

Get request information like, status, amount, customer, driver etc. with map view for trip.

Dispatcher Console

Get more business through Call Centre and put trips in the system using Dispatcher Console

Check out Dispatcher Console

Dispatch Request

Dispatcher can add the request on behalf of any registered or un registered customer.

Fare Estimates

Dispatcher can estimate the fare from any source to destination for specified service type so he can give estimate to customer.

Manage Requests

Dispatcher can manage requests details made by him. It includes trip details like invoice, source, destination etc.

Partner Console

Grow your business with more owned cars. Become our partner with your cars and earn more.

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Manage Drivers

Add, Update or Decline drivers working for you from the Console.


Get the earning details of all your cars added in the system.

Add Bank Details

Add Bank details so Admin can make transactions with that info.